EOL Recycling

EOL Recycling Ltd is a mattress recycling company formed with the objective of diverting mattresses from landfill by re-using and recycling whole and component parts.

Each mattress that is delivered will be graded. All above grade units will be cleaned and re-used. The re-use mattresses will be made available to local charitable organisations which support low income families.

The below grade units will be dismantled into component parts. Each material generated will be sent to re-processors and will be used in a variety of applications from automotive insulation to carpet underlay.

The metal will be sent to steel mills for reprocessing.

With landfill tax currently at £56.00 per tonne and landfill charges at an all time high our charges will not increase your disposal costs.

The average new mattress weighs 35kgs. Over the lifetime of a mattress, its weight can double and if it is wet when it arrives at the landfill site the weight can increase to 3 times its original weight. Our fixed unit price per mattress will give you a sustainable disposal with transparent charging to give you piece of mind.

Our site is conveniently located less than a mile from the end of the M65, Preston and we are now available to take deliveries of any quantities. We can also arrange a collection of your mattresses for an additional charge per unit. Please call for a quotation.

Should you have any questions or wish to organise a delivery please give me a call on 01772 28 47 28

Alternatively contact us at : info@eolrecycling.co.uk